RAM Active Investments

The Head of Systematic Equities from a research-driven investment manager discusses the notable characteristics and evolutions within systematic trading and the strengths and weaknesses of AI in the investment process.

Millburn Ridgefield

Millburn Ridgefield's co-CEO shares insights on how the firm evolved from one of the earliest practitioners of traditional trend-following into an innovator in the application of AI and machine learning—and how that engine worked when applied to China.

Chatbots and Hedge Fund Investing

Resonanz Capital's data scientist Chang Liu and software engineer Dinko Georgiev discuss chatbots and the challenges of getting computers to interact with natural language.

Capital Fund Management (CFM)

Dr. Philip Seager, the Head of Portfolio Management at Capital Fund Management (CFM), shares insights on AI, NLP models and quantitative strategies.


Mr. Russell Korgaonkar, the CIO of Man AHL, sheds insights on trading Chinese markets systematically.

A renowned quant speaks on data science and investing

Dr. Joseph Simonian shares his insights on data analysis, causal networks, and the investment process.

Systematica Investments

Dr. Matthias Hagmann discusses the impact of market volatility on CTA strategies, liquidity in Q1 2023, and the future of alternative CTA markets.

A Distinguished Hedge Fund Scholar

Dr. Vikas Agarwal's hedge fund research covers behavior, and charitable contributions. Future studies focus on distressed mega funds and tax effects.

A Seasoned Hedge Fund Risk Officer

Ren Wu, experienced hedge fund risk officer, discusses risk management in China and the challenges of rapid market development.