Misha Malyshev - Market Microstructure

In this episode, we explore the concept of 'alpha,' a key driver in investment decisions affecting trillions of dollars daily. We discuss alpha's practical definition and the challenges it presents for investors. Our guest, Dr. Misha Malyshev—CEO and CIO of Teza Technologies and an expert quantitative investor—offers deep insights into alpha's complexities, making this a must-listen episode.

Sam Wisnia - Shaping the Future of Multistrategy Investing

In this episode, we explore the dynamic world of multistrategy hedge funds, currently a hot topic in the investment community. We discuss the recent boom, the intense competition for top financial talent reminiscent of the early 2000s' trading desks, and the implications of what some are calling a talent bubble. Join us as Sam Wisnia, Deputy CIO of Eisler Capital, shares expert insights on these developments in the hedge fund industry.

Murray Winckler - Going Long/Short in South Africa

Is traditional stock picking dead? Not quite! Opportunities for alpha still exist but require exploring lesser-known markets like South Africa. Despite a strong financial system suitable for alpha generation, its declining international appeal and issues such as high unemployment, energy crises, and political uncertainty make investors cautious. In this episode, Murray Winckler and I discuss why South Africa is still an attractive market for hedge funds, focusing on its economic and market conditions.

Saâdeddine Yahia - The Allure of Private Credit

For over a decade, private credit has consistently captured the interest of investors, navigating through the ups and downs of the global macroeconomic environment. The allure of private credit is undeniable, yet it is accompanied by its complexities, including a plethora of cryptic acronyms that can perplex even the most experienced investors. I had the pleasure of speaking with Saâdeddine Yahia, our head of credit strategies, to illuminate this sector, delving into the reasons for its significance and the potential opportunities that await.

Douglas Greenig - The Fundamentals of Trend Following

In this episode, I speak with Douglas Greenig of Florin Court Capital to explore trend following’s unique effectiveness. We’ll discuss its resilience, from volatility fundamentals to portfolio diversification and niche markets like Californian carbon emissions