Expert portfolio implementation
Align your portfolio with your values
Manage risks efficiently

You know what you want to get out of hedge funds, but need support with the details?

Without the necessary experience, creating and managing a hedge fund portfolio can be overwhelming and time-consuming. But it doesn't have to be. Our experts will optimize your hedge fund investments according to your needs and goals, answering the following questions:

I know what I want out of hedge funds. How do I get there?
How should I diversify my portfolio to mitigate risks?
Do I need to focus on hedge funds with a good performance record?
How should I manage day-to-day operations?
Can we align our hedge fund portfolio with our company values?

Portfolio Construction

Our experts help you create an optimized hedge fund portfolio according to your goals, requirements and risk tolerance.

We provide you with a curated universe of hedge funds underwritten by our expert team, avoiding funds with a poor performance history, operational inefficiencies, strategic inconsistency or management issues.

Portfolio Management

Let the Resonanz experts take care of your day-to-day portfolio management activities, from transactions to reporting, over document review. We help you navigate the complexities of today's global markets with rigorous research, innovative strategies, and a deep commitment to risk management.

Follow Company Values

Aspects such as environmental impact, social responsibility, transparency and accountability are becoming increasingly important. We ensure your hedge fund portfolio meets both your regulatory and ethical requirements.


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